Bare bodies

Policies & procedures



We ask for your cooperation and respect in honoring our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. This allows time for Bare Bodies to fill the spot you reserved. For, anything under 24 hours, we will try our best to fill the space with a client on the wait list. Unfortunately, if we are not able to fill your appointment spot, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50 for the appointment booked. An invoice will be sent via Square. Now, we are not sticklers - everyone gets 1 free "oops" pass.


If you decided to no show you better call or text to let us know that you are ok...because when a lady or gent doesn't show up for their skin care appointment I just assume something really bad has happened. Bare Bodies knows how serious you are about looking and feeling beautiful! Please don't no really stinks. An invoice will be sent via Square for $50 and you will be required to keep a credit card on file to schedule future appointments.


Late Policy - I totally understand traffic can be brutal and Bare Bodies will do our best to fit in your entire appointment as long as it doesn't cause us to run late for the next client. However, if we must shorten your appointment, you will be charged the total amount for the service booked. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. I want you to relax and not feel stressed or rushed. Have a seat outside, bring a "juicy celeb" magazine and be sure to check out their skin, because (chances are) yours will look just as good when you leave :)

Children & Pets

Please don't bring children to your appointments at Bare Bodies because of the nature of the services, tools & machines being used and the limited space.

As per Florida law: 4. Animals: No animals or pets shall be allowed in a salon, with the exception of fish kept in closed aquariums, or trained animals to assist the hearing impaired, visually impaired, or the physically disabled.

Cell Phones

Please respect the other patrons in Sola Salons by taking any phone calls outside the building. Remember this is your time at Bare Bodies so turning off your cell phone will make your visit a better and more relaxing experience.

Product Returns

All product purchased (opened, used or new) may be returned for a replacement product credit or service credit within 2 weeks of purchase. 

Bare Bodies reserves the right to refuse services

Filled with Love & Respect, Thank you